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Bethany Nicole is a singer-song writer and worship leader from Pennsylvania. She started singing in the church at an early age especially loving to cover SandiPatty's songs for special music. She traveled the tri-state area singing at local churches and events and was also part of a Christian group called 4-Given. Bethany has always had a love for Christian music and dreams to share God's love through this avenue but there was always this longing for more. After many setbacks and starting to question her calling, music eventually took a back seat. During this time she entered a season of dark times even questioning the God she claimed to love so much. Depression tried to suffocate life and steal her voice however God had other plans. 
Bethany is currently one of many worship leaders at River church where she has been surrounded by lovers of Jesus who just want to see others experience His presence. In the prayer room is where she has rediscovered her passion for the one her soul longs for. She has been challenged to step out and understands now the longing for more she always had within.
Recently Bethany teamed up with artist and producer Darin Rex and some really great songs are being birthed from simple conversations. She believes these songs will surprise you, challenge you, inspire you, and bring you much hope for life and love. Bethany has a great passion to just have a conversation with you one on one through music. She longs to see chains broken, hearts healed, and lives restored so you can live the abundant life Jesus died for you to have.  
Life really is beautiful and true love is real.
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