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All You Need

I need coffee. At least I think I do. If you know me you know I am a coffee fanatic and my world seems to revolve around making stops for it. It's what I drink right away in the morning while I am getting ready for work, it's what I have sitting beside me at my desk, it's what I go to when I am tired and need a pick me up.

I. Love. Coffee.


I do not need it.


I know I can't believe I just said that either. At the end of the day all I really need is love. I love being loved. At the beginning and in the middle of the day too for that matter. Pretty needy right? I just desire to be noticed, to be accepted, to be understood, and so much more. If I look to you to fill that desire in me I am only going to be disappointed and searching for that need to be filled. Trust me, I have tried.

Wondering around in circles feeling hopeless

Yup know that well.

Food, Alcohol, Social Media, Coffee, etc.. I have tried to fill a void in my heart with it all. So how? How do I allow an "invisible" God be enough? When I am rejected again and again how do I allow God's love to flood my soul and guard my heart? When I am alone how do I let God be my comfort? When I am weak how do I allow His joy be my strength? Is it allowing or maybe it's more believing? Maybe it's believing the truth that I am never alone even when I feel I am. Maybe it's believing the truth that even when people reject me my God has accepted me.

When I am down on my knees and need help all I need is JESUS.

When I have lost my way and need a map all I need is JESUS.

Love is a person.

A person that fought for me to death. When I long to be fought for I can cling to the truth that love already fought for me and won.

He won my heart and continues to win my heart over and over and over.

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