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Love/Hate Relationship with Hallmark Movies

I recently posted on Facebook asking who else was a sucker for Hallmark movies and I got quite the response. It left me pondering what is it specifically about these movies that leaves us either melting in love and wonder or raging in anger and annoyance. There was one response that I could so relate with and that was "nope not this year". I completely get it. Our reasons may be different but I completely understand being in that place emotionally absolutely hating every couple that is happy and deeply believing love is still possible yet hiding in my pain believing it all sucks and it's all FAKE like Donald Trump's tan. (No haters please it's a joke lighten up) I know what it is like to guard yourself from pain and shut off from the world. This steals joy, it steals the ability to love and to be loved, and it just steals living an abundant life all together however we all do grieve differently. Whether you are in a broken marriage or have been abandoned or even if you are the one that chose to leave, healing takes time.

So what is it about these movies? I think it could be because they are different than a lot of what the world offers. We live in such turmoil and darkness yet these movies are light they are heartfelt and even somewhat wholesome. Let's face it we all long for intimacy we all long to be chased we all long for romance... at least most of us do I think. I want to be romanced, cared for, flirt with me, fight to keep me, and hey sacrifice to do things you don't exactly enjoy but do it because you want to be with me.That isn't asking a lot is it? HA! These movies show somewhat of a hardship and then overcoming and being free to be together and happy. I think most of us cheer for the underdog, we cheer for the guy to get the girl, we cheer for love! Maybe this is why I see a lot of people of different backgrounds come together in unity loving these movies. We can all chuckle through them knowing what is going to happen and it's just fun! I love seeing families coming together at Christmas. We don't all agree on everything but it's a time to put aside our differences and be together. It's a time to reconcile and be restored. Christmas is a time to focus on the good in the world and eat a lot of sugar. For those that believe in more it's a time to focus on the light of the world Jesus, our savior, the one who sacrificed EVERYTHING to be with us.

My prayer is this overflows into the new year. That we could somehow grab a hold of this throughout the entire year. That we put aside our busy schedules to be with family. That we make changes in our marriages and relationships to love more. Let's give life our all and the people in our lives our all. Let's fight for love, for joy, for peace.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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