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Has your interest in things lacked? Well, get ready because God's heart is to stir your passion for Jesus. Even now as you read this I believe you will experience a passion you haven't felt in possibly a long time.

I have taken a social media break and let me tell you I am in such a better place mentally and emotionally. I can not handle investing myself in everyone else's lives. As an intercessor I carry burdens and I take them to God in prayer however I am still learning how to fully release the burdens to Him. Does that make sense? I am not God and sometimes I think I try to be because I want it all fixed right now!

Well, I have felt a strong stir to set apart more time in the secret place away from the world just me and Jesus. To know His heart and become more like Him we must devote more time in His word and in worship and prayer. It will look different in your life than it does mine and it doesn't require hours and hours it may only look like five minutes before work.

In the only two weeks I've been away from scrolling I have realized I do not seek ye first the kingdom of God. I seek food, scrolling social media, spending money on unnecessary stuff, crying to a friend, alcohol, etc. What does it look like to seek God first in my life? What does it look like in yours? What does it look like to not get sucked into the storm? The emotional chaos that wants to keep you down and out. What does it look like to not be depressed? What does it look like to not have joint pain? To not carry the trauma of your past? The heart of God is to heal you. The heart of God is to stir your passion again. The heart of God is YOU. He gave up everything to be with you. He gave up His life.


He gave up His life for you.

He didn't have to leave His luxurious life in heaven where He is worshipped day and night to come to the world in human form to be a servant. He was mocked, ridiculed, accused, and killed so that we could have His spirit to be able to commune with Him. We don't have to rely on prophets to hear from God anymore because of JESUS.

Your passion for Jesus is being stirred. Be careful. You may not know how to express it so you turn to worldly lusts. Watch over your time spent, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the books you read. Not because thou shalt not but because Jesus is everything. He is everything we need. The world wants to pervert pure worship of God.

Don't give in.

The revival that so many have been praying for is already here open your eyes.

Just like John the Baptist devoted his life to prepare the way....

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Jesus is everything we need.