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Can you do it afraid?

I think no matter what everyone has had their comfort shaken in some way or another during this pandemic but what I am talking about is more comfort that is in our control rather than out of it. I did a facebook live today and talked about my husband asking me to stop and get him ice at a certain place he knew had a certain size bag that would be good for his project of smoking some cooper cheese (yum). Well, this certain place is not an ideal spot to pull out of and I have had two car accidents where I pulled out infront of someone so I absolutely go out of my way to be comfortable (and safe of course). However there is still fear with this and not wanting to be uncomfortable. I did not go to that spot he asked which caused me to buy overpriced smaller bags of ice. It made me question myself on how often I do this with God as well? He asks me to do something and I do it my own way or not at all. How often do I just not do what He is asking because I do not want to be uncomfortable? How often does fear get in my way? How often have I missed the opportunity to be an encouragment to someone else because I did not want to step out? There are so many people hurting why would I want to make this about me and my comfort? The time to step out and be uncomfortable is now!

What is God asking you to do today?

Do it afraid friend!

It's not always all about you!

Love you.

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