I admit that I complain too much!

It is a rainy flooding Wednesday here in Central PA. I just did a workout, I poured my protein shake in a pretty glass, and to be honest I'm not loving the taste of it. I added a peach and I can still taste the whey protein and I know I have enjoyed this flavor before what did I do wrong this time? Ugh!


Now I'm frustrated.

Now I'm complaining about this stupid protein powder or is that complaining? I mean I'm just stating a fact that I don't like the taste.

Hmm was it necessary to tell my blog world about my dissatisfaction?

Let's take a look at the definition of complain.

According to Oxford Dictionary found on Bing:




  1. express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. "local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources" · [more] synonyms: protest · grumble · moan · whine · bleat · carp · cavil · lodge a complaint · [more]

  2. (complain of) state that one is suffering from (a pain or other symptom of illness). "her husband began to complain of headaches"

  3. (of a structure or mechanism) groan or creak under strain. synonyms: squeak · groan · grate · screech · squeal · grind · jar · rasp · rub · scrape

  • literary make a mournful sound. "let the warbling flute complain"

I'd say UGH is a mournful sound. I expressed my annoyance to you so yea I'd say that was complaining. We could argue back and forth whether or not that was complaining however I can be honest enough to say my heart and motivation behind it was pure annoyance and yes complaint.

I've been seeking the Lord on what keeps me in this like depressive cycle. I'm good for a while and then it's like BAM out of nowhere I'm back in this state of depression or is it truly out of nowhere? I've been seeking natural things like how my diet affects my mood and the whole hormone thing (especially since I'm heading into my 40's). Does it seem to hit around my monthly cycle more? Truth is it definitely intensifies but what is the root? God created our beautiful bodies and there is so much science about these bodies to learn but beyond that what is the root to these depressive cycles I keep getting myself into? Truth is it's been way before social media was even a thing so I can't blame that. So let's take a journey to my past a bit.

I remember the moment God rescued me from a dark dark pit of destruction. I was depressed, had suicidal thoughts, was drinking excessively, not going to church, and our marriage was falling apart. I was upstairs listening to Kari Jobe's song "Here'. I fell to my knees and wept and I felt God so near. I suddenly felt a weight lift and I was excited to live life again. In that moment I rededicated my life to God and I started on a journey of finding a church and getting connected again and it hasn't been easy that's for sure but WOW GOD!!! Since then He has been healing my heart and changing my mindsets. While I was on a journey back to God my coworker at the time and very good friend and I would email back and forth. (We worked in different departments) We would share our days and the struggle of feeling like we were going around and around the mountain like the Israelites. We would complain about how much we hated work and wanted to quit our jobs and live out our dreams. We started to share devotional encouragement with each other and often the theme would be on our attitudes and it became a joke that we were being followed by devotional trolls with the verse from Philippians 2:14.

Philippians 2:14 (taken from biblegateway) New Living Translation

14 Do everything without complaining and arguing,

I'd say God was trying to get our attention. Can I be honest? I would try to put it into practice but eventually just go back to my normal complaining ways. I would write out gratitude lists that helped so much but I would stop doing them. Even now I'm guessing 10 ish years later the Lord is still trying to get my attention with the complaining situation. Just earlier this week I was totally in my head all day and in the evening I was scheduled to sing at the House of Prayer I'm a part of. I backed off a good bit these last few years but felt I was to commit more again and BAM I'm back in "Why am I even doing this" mode.

Why do I go into these depressive type moods? I annoy myself to be quite honest! That evening my question was answered.


huh... imagine that one... surprise surprise!! (insert eye roll and slap on the head emojis)

So now what? How do I get out of this cycle? Grab a cup of coffee friend and let's talk this one out. Let's learn this together because I'm so awake and ready for this!!!

Did you know that it is better to live alone than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife?


Yup it's right in Proverbs. Was Proverbs written by a male chauvinist? Some may argue with me about King Solomon the writer of Proverbs however I choose to believe that the guy who prayed for wisdom was inspired by the spirit of wisdom Himself aka God. The point is being quarrelsome and complaining is damaging. It's damaging to the soul and to those around you.

Ok so you are not into this Christian thing let's take a look at the science behind complaining. Studies have shown that complaining damages the part of your brain critical to problem solving and intelligent thought which is the part of the brain that can destroy Alzheimer's. It doesn't stop there let's talk even more on mental health. Complaining releases the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone puts you in "survival" mode and makes you more susceptible to high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and so on. Basically you choose to either escape or defend.

Ok so let me have a moment of reflection here. Excuse me while I reflect out loud.

WHAT????????? So this emotional eating thing of mine could very well tie into COMPLAINING??????? So the temptation to go on a drinking binge could stem from my complaining mouth? I go into these cycles of being depressed and escaping reality and I LOVE FOOD and clearly use it to just cope.

So what is the answer? How do I get out of this complaining habit of mine?


"Hey Siri, what is the opposite of complaining?"



Just to name a few from wordhippo.com

Huh. Shocker!

Could having a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving be my answer? Could praise be the answer to having a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving? If so, how do I put this into practice?

Homework assignment: To look up verses in the bible on praise and the science behind it. Let us come back together next week and discuss what has been discovered.

Mind blown. (insert mind blown emoji)

In the meantime also check out Carrie (my Phil 2:14 buddy) @ www.carriejacobsauthor.com. She has since quit her job and is writing amazing things! So proud and inspired by her!!

Photograph of me courtesy of Melissa Tabb, Photographer (mypixieset.com)

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