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I just wanna be lazy

I have good intentions with my health but my follow through needs some serious work. Yesterday, I made myself an immune boosting juice with oranges, carrots, and ginger, posted it on social media (I'm much more active in my stories) and then I did NOTHING.

Ok I did something and although I do believe it's extremely important to have days of rest (God commands it) I know me and this was just laziness. Thursday, I ate a lot of good Thanksgiving food and Friday I sat a lot. It's not good for me because it puts me on a destructive path of struggling to find my motivation again. I honestly just want to continue the cycle of overeating and being lazy. I like to sit especially by the fire next to my doggies snuggling with me however eight plus hours of sitting is not healthy. These next few days are ideal for getting the things done. I made up a to do list that has not one check mark. Again, I think it's important to have a day to just not worry about all the things and take time for yourself doing things you love but this was not that kind of day. This was a day of complete laziness scrolling social media and watching movies. My mind did not rest it was in everyone else's business and today I am feeling it. I am feeling the sadness of loss I see another family dealing with, I feel the frustration of someone's road rage they posted about, I feel fat after seeing gorgeous thin women doing tik tok dances, I feel annoyed because my Christmas decorations aren't up and I see so many beautiful clean organized homes, I see so many family photos and my husband and I don't do Thanksgiving together because.....hunting... are you getting what I am saying? Social media is wonderful but it can be not so wonderful when we are so consumed in it. Today I am shaking off quite a lot of consumption and quite honestly in the past I would have just carried it through the weekend. I would have continued consuming myself and be lazy. NOT TODAY! I do not want to feel like a sloth. I don't want my mind and soul to feel chaotic and my emotions to be everywhere. So where do I start? I reach out asking for prayer from ladies I trust and I set off to start a new day. I started by cleaning our refrigerator. I have a check mark on my to do list but I got distracted. I threw out a lot of old salad dressings and sauces but I found crescent rolls that I felt I needed to use up so what do I do? I search Pinterest and come up with ideas to use these crescent rolls. I had a few sticks of string cheese left in a bag so I found a pizza crescent roll recipe however I decided to kick it up a notch because I had salami so I decided to make stromboli pockets.

These were pretty tasty but let's not stop here I have another tube of rolls let's search pinterest for another recipe. It makes total sense after spending the last few days eating too much to have more food sitting around to eat and let's not forget it's just me this weekend as well. Makes. So. Much. Sense. So, I found a pumpkin twist recipe. This recipe wasn't quite as simple. At this point I was in a hurry and started to rush and not follow directions. When I was making the glaze to go on top of the twists, I kept adding more powdered sugar and then more orange juice until I had enough glaze for an entire cake. The glaze was still too orangey but I dropped the whisk on the floor and mopping the floors was not on my to do list and at this point I'm just irritated. The dogs heard the whisk hit the floor and came running and now I'm chasing Lexi, who took off with said whisk, around the kitchen.

After finally getting the twists in the air fryer I poured myself another cup of coffee, stared at the kichen counters, and stared at my to do list. (((Sigh))))