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I need to breakup with my IPhone

As so it happens my phone was several years old and the sound started to go. I rely on my phone for the business end of my music especially since our desktop computer is not reliable. (Thank you windows vista) My husband and I for probably a year or so have been contemplating switching wireless plans to save money and have been putting off getting new phones. We were reluctant only because service where we live can be hit or miss. Going outside in the winter time to take a phone call is just not what I call a fun time. In fact if you know me at all you know taking a phone call in general is just crap. Text me would ya? (if I call ya then I must like ya)

So to speed up the story we finally took the plunge. (my whining probably helped a bit- I do not recommend annoying your spouse to get what you want though) When I chose the phone I wanted and we went through the process the guy says well this software update could take up to an hour do you folks have something to go do? You can leave your phone here and come back.


Leave my phone there?

With you?

Someone I don't know nor quite frankly really trust?


Everything is on that phone people. E V E R Y T H I N G

So I gave myself a pep talk and on our way we went with no phone. I was suddenly unconnected from the world. What if someone tried to text me and I could not immediately respond? I couldn't even share the picture of my coffee to my Instastories. I know this broke the world's heart.

Then it hit me.

I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

My mind felt clearer and I was free to just live in the moment and not have to capture it all. I was free to clean the house and not hit the home screen every ten minutes to check notifications. I was free to have a real conversation and not be distracted. After over an hour I drove back up to get my phone and on the trip there I had nothing. No playlist to connect to my car to listen to, no way of knowing how to navigate if I got lost. Nothing but me and the road before me.

When I got there my phone still was not done. I stood in the store twiddling my thumbs realizing I scroll to keep myself occupied. I use to people watch a lot. I use to pray for people while I was sitting in waiting rooms. So that's what I did. There was a gentlemen extremely frustrated with the pictures on his phone not being accessible and so I prayed. I immediately felt Holy Spirit and I felt a peace flow in the store. How could I have let myself get this distracted with my phone that in a lot of ways I stopped listening to God?

Well, they sent me away once again because my phone needed to be restored. All my pictures, videos, apps, they weren't done being restored to my new phone.

Interesting. That in itself could be a deeper teaching for another day.

So off I went again no phone in hand and I seriously felt like frolicking to my car. More time spent in freedom.

The rest of the story is not that exciting and I didn't have one text when I got my phone back.

Not a one.

(I think we find ourselves a bit more important than we should at times)

However I will leave you with this. Take a day unconnected. Take several days infact. Go spend time with your loved ones unattached.

Be in the moment.

Take in the beauty around you.

Break up with that phone.