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Love ya mom

I made my mom an appointment to get a facial with me today on her birthday because I knew she would not do it on her own. Sitting here going over the day while eating goldfish crackers (one of my favorite snacks) it got me processing. She kept thanking me for today and it warmed my heart because I wanted her to feel pampered and loved because honestly I don't think it's something that is easily felt for her despite the absolute most precious man called my dad who loves on her and also being raised in a Christian home and having the head knowledge of the love of God. You see I think she carries rejection as most of us do because of certain situations in our lives but she spent the early parts of her life in an orphanage and being tossed around to different homes. The love of God showed up by her finding a good home to live in but it wasn't easy. At this point I am fairly certain she felt abandoned, rejected, unwanted, unloved, and the list goes on. I remember her telling my sister and I that her goal when she became a mother was to always make sure we knew we were loved and I can speak for both my sister and I that indeed she accomplished that goal and continues to do so.

She is very hard on herself and I can bet any money that she wishes she would not have given me permission to post a tik tok video of her and my dad (bethanynicolemusic is my handle it is HILARIOUS) because she hates the way she looks or maybe I'm wrong and she is finally like whatever love me or hate me. My mom is beautiful inside and out but doesn't see it and I get that honestly that is for sure. She is extremely honest which may come across offensive depending on the person but I admire the honesty. She wars for others in prayer I call her my prayer warrior! She cares deeply for others. She serves well and is a fantastic cook! She has a beautiful gift of hospitality! I wish she believed in herself more. Believed in the woman God created her to be.

She is pretty incredible!

Love ya, mom!

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