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Maybe I'm made for less?

I have had this recurring conversation with myself about the possibility of being wrong. The idea that I'm made for more just might be false. I've had a restlessness most of my working life and I decided years ago it's because I'm made for so much more than the career I chose at the time.

I humbly admit that I was wrong.

I say I was wrong not because I'm not supposed to be important or have a platform but because of the prideful mindset that started to develop. I think society has taught us to chase after the success of being important.

Unknowingly I fell into it.

It was not a popular thing to get married right out of high school and not go to college. People questioned me. The funny thing is is that I stepped into a career path without wanting it. I worked my way up the ladder of so called success and yet I remained miserable. I would go to trainings and meetings and sit around tables with the elite and there was always this feel of everyone bragging how long they've been in the industry and what their mile long job title was. I hated it. I wanted to wake them all up saying there is so much more to life than prestige. I wanted to say that stupid job title means nothing! Do you know Brother Lawrence the lowly kitchen aide?

Ok OK so that job title meant something to them and they worked hard for it and what if they are doing it unto the Lord so who am I to judge?

I'm actually here to go after the pride involved in the "made for more" mentality.

What is that more we really talk about?

Maybe instead it's more becoming less?

Maybe more is cleaning toilets?

But society looks down upon the garbage man.


We've become so consumed with being "important" that we've forgotten what's really important.

What is really important?

Do you desire to go to that class reunion bragging about what you've accomplished? Do you desire not going to that class reunion because you haven't accomplished much at all?

So you don't think raising kids is an accomplishment?

So you don't think fighting for your marriage was an accomplishment?

Beating cancer wasn't an accomplishment?

Why are we so consumed by placing success on thousands of social media followers or a fancy job title or a huge house and new vehicle? So what if you only have a few social media followers but are pouring into their lives positively. Maybe you are the secretary to the president of the company. Maybe you serve at the local food pantry or teach others your craft. Maybe you clean houses or churches. Maybe you are the garbage person.

I think that's MORE.

Let me ask you this...

Have you chased success and forgotten why you chose that career in the first place? Have you been so beaten down by others who are chasing success too that you can't even see straight anymore?

Were you made for more or were you made for less? By less I mean maybe it's changing your mindset or maybe what you desire isn't a popular career in culture but maybe it's what you were created to do. Maybe you now realize money isn't everything maybe now you realize that your job really isn't that secure anyway. Maybe now you realize you've been so self consumed and desire to now put yourself aside and serve others.

Maybe the more you were made for is actually less?

Because in the end it's not all about you but it's all about HIM.

and He came to the world and showed us how to truly serve.