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The Way Through

I have had these songs completed and in hand since January of 2019. I even started planning a coffee shop vibe release party back when we did not think twice about social distancing or shaking hands (let alone hugging). If you know me you know how much I love coffee and love sitting for hours at a cafe with a friend coffee in hand. That was the vision. Myself sitting with you communicating through song more stories.

Fast forward to picking a date (that I don't even remember) and securing the building I suddenly felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to lay it down for a season and I wrestled and wrestled trying to tell myself I wasn't hearing His voice correctly. Then comes 2020 a year none of us will forget anytime soon but want to. With the chaos of the year I chose to just release the songs monthly to my patrons and I honestly wasn't even sure I would ever release this to the public. So what happened? I really don't know how to explain that other than a month or so ago I finally caught a vision for an album cover and went full force into getting this complete. I felt strong that now was the time but why? Why during a time I can't plan a release party and sing these live? Why during a time there is so much unknown?

Why now?

I believe now is perfect timing during a second shut down and needing encouragement badly. This album is again not the worship styled album that you might expect from me. These songs come from the life coach part of me. The girl who pushes herself to cling to her faith and keep pressing forward. The girl who motivates and inspires others to continue to check their own heart and get the log out of their own eye. The girl who just loves Jesus and wants others to experience Him in a new way.

He really is good.

It's easy to say, "God is Good!" when life is comfortable and going well but what about when it's not? My hope is that this album ignites a fire within you to dig deep and strengthen your faith in a good God. My hope is that God will use these songs to breathe life back into your weary soul and have a new passion to live abundantly despite the chaos that surrounds us all in these times.

My hope is that through these songs God shows you The Way Through.

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